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"Class of 1974 30 Year Reunion"

Fellow Alumni,
The Bolsa Grande Class of 1974 is having its 30 year Reunion

It will be held 24 July 2004 at the Irvine Marriot. Yup, same place as the 20 year reunion for those of you who were able to attend.
Planning for a Friday Night Social and a Sunday picnic is still underway so check back for updates.
The company planning it is the Goodtime Reunion Company. Their phone number is 909 354-9311 or 800 454-9311. Please contact them to update your address for the invitation. Also, please update your address on the '74 page so you can stay in touch with fellow classmates.

Any questions can be directed to me either by e-mail Sandie Reed or by phone (562) 930-1133.

More information will be added here as it becomes available.

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