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Welcome to the Class of "1975" web page...

Hi there my name is Samuel Nelson.
I'm living in Alaska now, a far cry for the old stomping grounds of Bolsa Grande High School in California. In making this web site I hope that we will be able to get in touch with each others once again, and share as we did back in the old day's....

Get it the old days, just kidding.....but what I do remember of being in High School were all the time as friends sharing ideas of the future, ideas of what I'd hope to being doing when I got out of High School. Dreams of having it all, cars, travel, & adventures, and a good job.

Now that all is done what I like to do with this web site is to share a part of my life, and hope that all of you will share also, by looking back to pictures of what we looked like then, and what we have become now.

You can change your addresses or add photos by sending an e-mail.

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