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"Class of 1979 30 Year Reunion"

Hi Class of 1979!

In case anyone's looking for info, the Class of '79 30-year reunion will be held on August 1 of this year at the Elks Lodge in Orange. Ralph Shelton is working on it with Mindi Shippam, Lori Riddle, Lynda Maguire and Mike MacIsaac. You can pass along this email address as a contact, and we'll distribute info to anyone inquiring. Naturally, the surrounding years ('76 through '82) are invited as well. Cost is only $45. Thanks!-- Sincerely, Ralph C. Shelton II, Esq.SCHIFF & SHELTON, 3700 Campus Drive Suite 202, Newport Beach, CA 92660(949)417-2211 Fax: (949)417-2211!

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