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Bolsa Grande High School Class of 1991


If you would like to add a photo, please send as e-mail attachments and I will add a photo page. Please come back often and keep in touch. Feel free to e-mail at the address below.

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Class of '91 Photo Placeholder

Who's in Touch?

Maurine Bosman
Elvis Carrillo "TheWorldsEnd73"
Chris Chang
Julie Curtis in Chicago, Illinois
Tammy Hager
Kristi Hammerschmidt in Akron, Ohio
Becky Heine
Lililani Korionoff in California "Lililani"
Mariano Martinez in Stanton, California "MBM7141"
Timothy Moore
Camtu Nguyen "CamNgot"
Noel Perez in California "Noe6198"
Nghia Phan "NghiaP"
Bobby Tran

E-Mail at BolsaGrandeAlumni