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"My Problem with Dealcat Denver"

I will populate this sie on 14 December 03 if I have still not received a refund or if the Seller disputes anything I have said, which, by the way, is the same as the other complaints they have received.
I will post timelines and ALL e-mail exchanges.

The below e-mail is a response to my question, before the auction ended as to whether I could just go up the road and avoid the shipping costs, which by the way, are not combined.

On 27 September, I won the auctions for both the Printer(3432776516) and a camera tripod (2953592668).

Per the instructions, I sent a combined payment of $64.50

On 2 October, I bought Ink cartridges (3433324448) for the printer from another vendor.

Around 9 Oct, I received the Ink cartridges from the other vendor.

Around 16 October, I received the Tripod.

On 24 October, I reminded Dealcat that I had not yet received the Printer.

On 27 October, I received this response.

On 28 Oct, I relpied with this e-mail.

It is now 4 January 2004 and I have NOT RECEIVED a refund!!!