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Missile Defense Program, Huntsville

National Guard Missile Defense Information


Army National Guard  Join the Army National Guard Today!

Contact the National Guard Missile Defense Information Specialist Today!

Arlington, Virginia
DSN 327-2090

We Are Accepting:

  • Non-prior service
  • Prior service
  • Officers
  • Enlisted
  • State-to-State transfers
  • Guard or Reserve transfers
Enlistment Qualifications
  1. Must be a US Citizen
  2. High School Graduate/High School Senior/GED
  3. Clean Police Record
  4. Never been involved with the illegal use of drugs
  5. Pass the Military Entrance Exam and Enlistment Physical
Career Classification
Your career field will be determined by:
  1. Your ASVAB scores
  2. Your Physical Profile
  3. Your needs
  4. Vacancies in National Guard Missile Defense
Training Requirements
  1. Eight weeks of Basic Military Training
  2. Technical Training in your chosen career field
Enlistment Tour Lengths
  1. Non-Prior Service minimum is 4 years
  2. Prior Service may qualify to enlist for 1 to 6 years
  3. Six years for the Montgomery GI Bill
  4. All new enlistees incur an eight-year Military Service Obligation
Montgomery GI Bill
  1. All career fields offer $263/month for 36 months while attending VA approved schools
  2. The GI Bill Kicker program offers an additional $200/month
  1. One weekend per month, you work two days and get paid for four days
  2. Retirement pay and benefits after age 60 and 20 good years of service
  3. $250,000 Life Insurance Policy (SGLI) (April 1 2001) for $20.00 a month
  4. Post Exchange privileges
  5. Commissary privileges
  6. INCONUS Flight on Military Aircraft through the Help Our People Save program
  7. FREE College CLEP testing, and College credit for military skills
  8. Unlimited use of the base facilities
  9. Free license plate and annual registration for one vehicle registered in NM
  10. 100% Tuition Assistance, while attending State funded schools
  11. Free $10,000 Life Insurance Policy offered by the State of New Mexico
  12. Student loan repayment program, up to $10,000 for selected career fields.
  13. Bonuses for selected career fields.

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