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Bolsa Grande High School Classes

Welcome Smaller Alumni Classes!

Below are the Bolsa Classes who's Alumni lists are small. As each list get larger, they will be given their own Classpage and a photo page. Until then, here they are, enjoy. Please come back often and keep in touch. Feel free to e-mail at the address below

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Bolsa Grande Alumni Homepage

Who's in Touch?

Class of 93
Tina Armstrong in Bellflower, California
Corie Chapman in Utah
Angela Dahl "Bruin2b75"
D'juane Fletcher in Baltimore, Maryland
Cynthia Kerwin in Orange, California
Karen Lai "spydrtatoo"
Diana Lazzara
Stacey Quach
Mike Rinkovsky in Dallas, Texas
Randy Ringor
Shannon Robison "tanns2"
Jon'paul Snyder
Michelle Sorensen in Corona, California
Anthony Vinson in Goodyear, Arizona
Diana Walton "didowell32"

Class of 95

Class of 97
Mike Crossley "mcross5416"
Shannon Frost "Pixiedust7875"
Pauline Ha "aysia800"
Jacqueline Jenkins
Dilly More
Thao Nguyen
Thien Nguyen in California
Amanda Stone in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Kelley Wiggins "DaisySings"

Class of 98
Monique Arvizo in Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Sam Chi at NAS North Island, San Diego, California "Samchichi"
Carleen Perez in Huntington Beach, California
Mark Velarde in Huntington Beach, California

Class of 99
Brandon Harris

Class of 2000
Courtney Rabon in Dothan, Alabama
Aaron Rea in Garden Grove
Derek Shelly in Garden Grove "Matador00"

Class of 2001
Linda Chau in Anaheim, California "LuGNuttZ13"
Sandra Cisneros in Anaheim, California
Jessica Hernandez in Sacramento, California "Amytheyst1"

Class of 2002
Zak Hammill in Garden Grove "BigHeadGreengo"

Class of 2003
Lauren DeBaun in Garden Grove "DramaQueenLoLo"
Melissa Johnson in Garden Grove

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