Bolsa Grande High School Class of 1977


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Kandy Aaberg
Neomie Abrahamsen in Lexington, North Carolina "xkristix02"
Where is Andy Acosta?
Where is Judy Acquilano(now Stiefel)?
Matt Adams in Chicago, Illinois
Penny Aikins in North Las Vegas, Nevada
Where is Robert Alger?
Where is Christina Algoso?
Where is Vicki Amidon (now Jimenez)?
Becky Anderson in Hesperia, California
David Anderson in Corona, California
Where is Janelle Anderson (now Dye)?
Where is Mark Andrew?
Where is Edna Aguilar?
Where is Tim Arbour?
Where is Tracy Arthur?
Joseph Ballistreri
Shelley Barnes in Mustang, Oklahoma
Where is Tommy Barnett?
Where is Christine Barrela?
Richard Baxter in Bellingham, Washington "Slopeboy 5"
Glenna L. Bearss in Studio City, California
Where is Lee Beaudoin?
Where is Teri Beavers?
Where is Eric Becktell?
Bob Bergmann
Where is David Bermudez?
Where is Dawn Best?
Where is Barbara Bielling?
Where is Suzana Biszantz?
Where is Diane Bivins?
Mary Bivens in Anaheim, California "mtbivsch"
Where is Gail Black?
Roger Blais in Rohnert Park, Northern California
Where is Christine Blake?
Kim Blay in San Jose, California
Connie Bonello
Mark Bonello
Where is Cherl Bossom?
Craig Boucher in in Mount Tremper, New York "taien"
Mark Boucher in Charlotte, North Carolina
Where is Martien Bouma?
Cheryl Bowman in Garden Grove
Robert Braden
Jeri Bragassa (now Salaets) in the Mohave Valley, Arizona
Where is Bryan Breazley?
Sue Brennan in Frisco, Texas "SLB6000"
Sandy Brewer in Mission Viejo, California "workoutgym7"
Jay Brown in Oceanside, California
Margie Brown in Fontana, California "MargaretBrown"
Connie Browning in Wisconsin
Connie Brunken in Corona, California
Linnea Bull in Arizona
Monica Burrola in Riverside, California
Where is Frank Bustamonte?
Where is Mona Caballero?
Where is John Cabrera?
Where is James Calkins?
Scott Callen in Boise, Idaho "slcnboise"
Where is Gilda Carrasco?
Paul Carroll in Washington
Where is Sandra Cates (now Evans)?
Where is Pamela Chandler?
Where is Brock Cilley?
Jeff Clancy in Carson City, Nevada
Where is Bambi Clark?
Richard Clark in Palm Springs, California
Where is Jodi Clementi?
Where is Philip Clenney?
Roy Cochran
Vanessa Collins in Trinity, Texas "Beachnnessa"
Where is Marsha Cooper?
Where is David Corey?
Where is Dale Cotton?
Where is Bruce Cox?
Jamie Cox in Jesup, Georgia
Where is Sandra Cox?
Where is Tamera Cramer?
Where is Teresa Crook?
Where is Patricia Cullen?
Where is Christopher Damon?
Where is John Davidson?
Where is Dee Davis?
Where is Lynnee Davis?
Where is James Davison?
Bill Day
Where is Ralph DeAngelo?
Robert Decker in Bellflower, California
Where is Grace Delarosa?
Where is Eric Delgado?
Where is Joseph Devenanzio?
Where is Debbie Diaz?
David Dierking in El Toro, California "DDierk1"
Jeff Diller in Garden Grove "ICanFixAnything"
Lori Dobson in Tacoma, Washington
Jon Dodge in Alexandria, Virginia
Where is Paul Douglas?
Leslie Downs in Mission Viejo, California
Where is Fred Duskin?
Where is Sharon Eames?
Theresa Earle in Coos Bay, Oregon "Booterfancy"
Tim Earle
Where is Elizabeth Elias (now Johnston)?
Where is Joann Elmore?
Where is Michael Engle?
Where is Ilvia Escarzega (now Reyes)?
Where is Jay Fairfax?
Rudy Falcon in fricken Arizona
Wayde Farrell in Aliso Viejo, California
Karyn Faulkner in Quartz Hills, California "italianhny00"
Ray Ferrer
Where is Mark Flynn?
Marsha F'Mayer in Hesperia, California
Dana Fowler
Larry Fowler
Brian Fry in San Bernardino, California
Dennis Gould in Whittier, California
Trudy Glosser in Big Bear Lake, California
Joyce Gumbert in Alaska
Kimberly Hall
Carl Hallstrom in Seattle, Washington
Robert Hancox in San Antonio, Texas
Tracy Harding
Michael S. Hartwig in Brea, California
Jodi Haxton in Orange, California "JodiWess2"
Jill Haxton in Babylon, New York
Rich Hendrix in San Diego, California
Don Hernandez in Monterey County, California "BEARMD"
Where is Maria Hernandez?
Where is Rosaura Hernandez?
Bob Hester in Sacramento, California "HestBob"
Peyton Hickman
Nancy Hill in Las Vegas, Nevada "easte7lyn"
Garrie Horton in Sacramento, California
Richard Huskey in Sacramento, California
Kathy Jenks in Seal Beach, California
Cindy Johnson in Big Bear, California "Aimlestrio"
Carol Kiyomi in Santa Ana, California
Susan Laird
Where is Howard Larson?
Kurt LeBrun in Temecula, California "UmpireKL"
Barbara Leming in Huntington Beach, California "Barbie11Barbie"
Pamela Lewis
Vickie Lindberg
Christine Loew in Tybee Island, Georgia
Dave Longridge
Dave Lumpkin in Riverside, California
Cindy Lunzer in Tucson, Arizona
Anthony Lutman in Kent, Washington
Duane Lyons in Granite Bay, California
Marc Maher in Coeur d' alene, Idaho
Gary Malkus in Phelan, California
John Marshall in Huntington Beach
Tim Martin in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Barbara J. Martinez in Garden Grove "JustMeParadox"
Where is Karen Mata?
Diane McDonald in Brea, California
Donna McEvoy in Puyallup, Washington
Where is Deborah McIntosh?
Where is Linda McQuarrie?
Where is Marilyn McVennon?
Kathleen Melanson
Eva Mermer in Colorado
Gregg Metzler in Seattle, Washington
Where is Shelly Meyer?
Where is Denise Miller?
Vickie Minish in Corona, California
Anthony Moceri in Andalusia, Alabama
Where is Tina Monfort?
Where is Laurie Morgan (now Penlick)?
Mark Myers in Long Beach, California "FnTrvlr"
Jamie Nelson in Rogers, Arkansas"JamieLeeNelson"
Cindy Nichols in the UK "BuchWillow"
Judy Nichols in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Dale Nielsen in Oregon
Randy Noe
Valerie Nolde (now Sessions) in Newport Beach, California
Helen Nyberg in Denver, Colorado "Heleroey"
Erin O'Bannon in San Diego, California
Jacqueline Oldham in Garden Grove "LadyPepsi427"
Where is Edward Oldynski?
Where is Christopher Olsen?
Where is Armando Oropez?
Where is Susan Oshiro?
Where is Raquel Padilla?
Where is Robin Parker?
Geraldine Pauls in Elsberry, Missouri
Where is Rebecca Payne?
Where is Steve Pearson?
Where is Julie Pease?
Where is Nanci Pease?
Where is Thomas Pell?
Pat Pendleton in San Gabriel, California "Pirahna9"
Tammie Phillippi in Davison, Michigan "Tscralet1"
Where is Ron Phillips?
Where is Cheryl Philp?
William Pickrell in Garden Grove
Where is Luziana Pinheiro?
Lynn Plummer in Boulder City, Nevada
Where is Judith Podolski?
Colette Poitras in Mission Viejo, California "CPoit130"
Where is Barry Porterfield?
Where is Brady Post?
Where is Dennis Pottier?
Where is Jini Power?
Andy Probst in Corona, California
Where is Linda Prond?
Where is Andrew "Scott" Raines?
Where is Teri Ragan?
Where is Donna Ramic?
Where is Tracy Rattelman?
Where is Lori Reading?
Where is Mary Ready?
Where is Pat Rice?
Where is Darlene Rigo?
Where is James Riley?
Where is Tammi Ritch?
Where is Vincent Rivera?
Where is Donald Roberts?
Al Robinson in Las Vegas, Nevada
Where is Cathy Robinson?
Where is Robert Rochielau?
Where is James Ross?
Where is Robert Roy?
Where is Judith Ruiz?
Where is Sherryl Ruiz?
Where is James Sager?
Rhonda Salaets
Leo Saul
Tim Schaeffer in Garden Grove
Sheila Scherer
Where is Brenda Schmidt?
Amie Schultz in Redlands, California "SoCalAmie"
Where is Tracy Shultz?
Where is Mark Scott?
Where is Michelle Scott?
Where is Jerry Scovel?
Susan Sershon in Big Bear, California
David Sewitsky is on Facebook
Where is Alethea Shallbetter?
Where is Sandra Shand?
Shelly Shand in South Bay, California
Where is Julie Shattuck?
Tammi Sheets in Arthur City, Texas "crslmama" "157160589"
Where is Marcia Shiffman?
Diane Shipp in Garden Grove "djwaaannabe"
Randy Simdorn "HBsimwell"
Phillis Simmons in California "Alpha77Omega77"
Where is Sheryl Singer?
Where is Pam L. Singleton (now Knapfel)?
Where is Peggy Smeets?
Jim Smevog in Corona
Where is Flint Smith?
Where is Jeanie Smith?
Richard Smith
Miguel Sobczynski is on Facebook
Where is Linda Sondag?
Where is Patricia Solorzano?
Barbara Soltau in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Where is Patricia Stein?
Eric Stephens in Flagstaff, Arizona
Where is Amy Stevens?
Where in Barstow, California is Kalynn Stirton?
Erin Stokes
Where is Martin Stolze?
Where is Patty Storck?
Where is Swane Stought?
Craig Sudyka in Pismo Beach, California
Where is Wayne Suetani?
Where is Janni Swank?
Where is Eric Swenson?
Andy Tafoya in Colorado Springs, Colorado "AndyTeez" "754494"
Where is Timothy Tamura?
Where is Faleniko Tialemasumu?
David Tinsley in Tucson, Arizona
Chris Tobey in Irvine, California
Mark Tomlinson in Oceanside, California
Sherri Tyson in Flower Mound, Texas "Shogstad"
Gennieve Valdez in Cameron Park, California "MAGoldRush"
Where is Pamala van Osdel?
Where is Brenda VanVlimmeren?
Bob Vincent in Magalia, California
Tami Walker is on Facebook
Where is Janet Weisner?
Patty Wells in Costa Mesa, California
Johnny Welsh
Debbie Wheeler (now Wright) in Las Vegas, Nevada
Paul Whitehead is on Facebook
David Whysong
Marie Wilbur (now Owen) in Redmond, Oregon "ToleOregon"
Where is Pebble Williams?
Elise Winning in Fairview, Oregon
David Wiseman in Estacada, Oregon
Robin Woldt
Where is Barbara Wood?
Where is Robert Wood?
Where is Mark Woods?
Rick Worden in Yorba Linda, California
Where is Lori Yates?
Where is Patricia Yates?
Chuck Young in Boise, Idaho
Where is Eleanor Young?
Alice Youroski
Where is Ruben Zamora?
Where is Paul Zieke?

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